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Kurt Angle will Replace Roman reigns at TLC  

Huge changes are made in the main event of TLC (Tables, laders and chairs).  Kurt Angle will come back into the ring for fight after 11 years at TLC.  WWE has announced on hteir website that Roman reigns will not be the part of pay-per-view of TLC 2017. Kurt Angle the general manager of RAW will fight instead of Roman reigns.

There are also major changes at the pay-per-view that Finn Balor will fight against AJ STYLE at TLC instead of Bray Wyatt. And these changes were made due to some medical issues. It was schedule that the Sheild will face 3 on 5 with The MIZ, shamus, seasaro, kane and braun strowman. But its look like that roman will not e able to fight at TLC.


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