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FIFA world Cup 2014 Final Highlights

FIFA World Cup 2014 Final Highlights

FIFA World Cup 2014 Final has been played between Germany and Argentina. Argentina was playing the FIFA Final after 1987. Argentina Qualify and played the final of FIFA World Cup 2014 under the Leadership of one of the best striker of the world Lionel Messi.

Argentina Qualify for the Final when they beat Netherland in the semi-final on kick-outs. But in the Final match was going simultaneously and in the 2nd half of the game Germany score a goal and have a lead of 1-0 over Argentina.

Lionel Messi misses the free kick in FIFA World Cup 2014

Argentina lost the match on that moment when the best striker of the team miss a free kick from where he does not miss more in his career. He is known as the master of free kicks but when he missed that kick I believe on that moment that they are not going to win this game.

Skipper Lionel Messi was so disappointed after that big loss because he was the only skipper from Argentina who got his team into the Final after 26 years but he was not successful on that day.

Lionel Messi Argentina

But they give very tough time to the champions in the game to get that title. But I believe in that day Argentina was a little bit defensive. Might be they have the different game plan. But I observe that after winning the semi-final from Netherland on Kick-out they were trying to level the game by 0-0 till the time end and finish it on the Kick-outs. That was my thoughts. It may possible you have different thinking about that match or a different team plan.

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