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Messi vs Ronaldo who is best

Messi vs Ronaldo Divorce in Husband Wife

Messi vs Ronaldo
Comparison between top players is not a new thing. It’s running from years. Many peoples start the discussion on their favorite players. People discuss on any player or any personality. This is the season of Football World Cup. So everyone discusses their favorite teams and players.
Most people discuss top 2 players of the time in football and they are Messi and Ronaldo. Fans of Messi, support Messi and his team Argentina. On the other end Fans of Ronaldo Support Portugal. Same happen in Moscow. Where a Husband wife come up for the fight and then they decide to live separately.
This Happen when Argentina beat Nigeria to qualify for the Round of 16. Husband got excited about the victory and on that time his wife said that he is just an ordinary player. Ronaldo is better than Messi. They start discussing on this matter and this discussion goes really harsh.

After that discussion Husband keeps his necessary things with him decide to keep his life away from his wife. And leave that house. He also added that his wife was making fun of Leonel Messi. She said that he even did not score against Ice Land on a Penalty Shoot.
Never forget that in this world cup Christiano Ronaldo also missed a golden chance of a goal on a Penalty kick. He said that can’t beared that harsh attitude against his best player Messi.
Interesting thing is that both of them meet first during a football match. Both meet in a bar when they were watching the match in 2002. This is a very tough decision that who is better Ronaldo or Messi. Because both are the best superstar players of Football of the time.

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