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song of PSL 4

Song of PSL 4 Listen Online

Song of PSL 4 Listen Live on this site and share this song with your friends and all of the cricket fans. The new song of PSL 4 ( Pakistan Super League fourth edition) by a charming hero Fawad Khan. The title of the song of PSL 4 is Khel Dewanoo Ka. and here is the song:

This official anthem of Pakistan Super League has been written by Shuja Haider. The song is released on every main event of Pakistan Super League. Remember that before this 4th Edition of Pakistan Super League all the three songs have been sing by the pop singer Ali Zafar. And People loves his voice.

He also sings the anthem for Islamabad United. Ali Zafar sings PSL 1 song that is sb Khel k Dikha day. That song got very much popularity from the fans of Pakistan Super League, the fans of Ali Zafar and the fans of Music. His voice was such a brilliant addition to the Pakistan Super League 2016.

Then in the 2nd edition of Pakistan Super League, he also sings the official anthem and title was Ab Khel Jamy ga. And that song also made him more popular and people love his voice in the cricket world. And when it comes to the third edition of Pakistan Super League in 2018. He prepares another song for PSL 3 and his title was Dil sy Jan laga dy.

He motivate the players through his songs. But for the song of PSL 4 Pakistan cricket board did not signed him for the official anthem. This time Pakistan cricket board makes a change in voice and take Fawad Khan for the official anthem of Pakistan Super League 2019. But this is question that will Fawad Khan make the place in the heart of People through his voice as well ? Because no doubt he is a good actor but will he perform well enough in this role or not ?

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