WWE RAW 18 June 2018 Results and Highlights

WWE Raw 18 June 2018

This Monday night Raw start was very warm when Ronda Rousey was out of control he beat WWE Raw Woman Champion Alexa Bliss and she also hit Raw general manager Kurt Angle with the money in the bank briefcase and she put the champion on the table as well. This will cost her very heavy. Ronda Rousey is suspended for 30 days because she also beat the officials of Monday Night Raw.

Intercontinental Championship open Challenge:
Seth Rollins set an open challenge for his WWE Intercontinental championship. Dolph Zigler accepts his challenge and comes out to face him for the title. Dolph Zigler beat Seth Rollins and become 6th time WWE Intercontinental champion.

Boby Roode vs Curt Hawkins:
Boby Roode vs Curt Hawkins match was not too long and boby Roode finishes it in some time and finishes it with a victory.

Roman Reigns & Lashley VS Dash & Dawson:
Roman Reigns and Boby Lashley bothy wants to face Brock Lesner for the universal championship but the discussion was on the way when Dash and Dawson disturb them with the general manager and then general manager make a tag team match. Roman and Lashley won that match.

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